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Collaborating at Work

InsightWorks Consulting

We start with an obsession with customers, what motivates them, what changes their mind, and what makes things easier for them. 

We take this knowledge and build data-led narratives that help you influence internal and external stakeholders to drive Business Impact.


Whether its curating original research or leveraging existing data, InsightWorks Consulting develops actionable plans and strategies that help to move your business

Planning Strategy


- Consulting in building an insights function or invest in growth

- Audit internal infrastructure for insights groups and develop planning outputs.

- Build strategic framework for insights that is focused on KPIs and driving impact

Develop Insights


- Develop actionable data-led perspectives forming narratives that help move businesses

- Build insights-driven recommendations for product teams

- Thought Leadership research that artfully combines curiosity with impact

promote and market insights


- Develop internal go-to-market approach to ensure internal evangelization of work and align with KPI's

- Develop external GTM approach to ensure thought leadership is leveraged by clients and press

Previous Experience

3P's in Practice

Brave New Moms
full circle award

Plan: Consulted with SMG to build global community of moms leveraging a hybrid methodological approach.



Practice: Created guides and questionnaire and interpreted data to build a global framework on how to market to moms.


Promote: Developed marketing plan to share out research at conferences and blog posts including planning a breakfast event at Cannes

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